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SDN Services

Is your Infrastructure fully utilized? Is it auto-provisioning the resources based on the application's on-demand requirement? Would you like to automate your IT Infrastructure day-to-day operations? Centralization of control and ability to program the behavior of network and lot more. Let's go for SDN. We provide highly Scalable, Flexible, and yet Redundant SDN solution for your IT infrastructure.

SDN Solutions and Services

SDN Technology benefits the businesses in several ways,

  • SDN Technology offers easier design options, customized and flexible deployment options, multi-vendor interoperability, and efficient management options.
  • Centralized control that gives a better business experience with the SDN controller providing a centralized view of the network making it easier to manage the business thereby considerably reducing the CAPEX and OPEX.
  • SDN Controller allows easier programmability as the control plane functions of the individual devices is decoupled and their functionalities are carried out by the controller.
  • SDN's automated provisioning makes the network highly secure, reliable, available, and less prone to errors and efficient use of network resources.

Our team in Ticvic Networks has the technical expertise in the latest SDN Technologies as well as hands-on experience in implementation of SDN technology in one of the client's Datacenter.