Artificial Intelligence and
Machine Learning

The future. The smarter

Artificial intelligence is one of the top technologies of the century that is changing the lives of the individuals and the ways businesses run. Getting the business ready for the future by exploiting AI technology is challenging. Ticvic analyzes the business cases and drivers to help build the AI solutions for the customers. Customers are able to invest in the appropriate system and build the AI solutions that yield high returns on investment.

Ticvic develops solutions that harness the critical techniques of AI such as the natural language processing, self-learning algorithms and more to build tailored customer experiences. Detailed analysis of the current data sources in combination with the real-time information enables the development of the AI model to transform customer’s businesses.

Ticvic leverages solutions driven by advanced machine learning for multiple sectors and verticals that are serving an important role in various aspects of any business. Ticvic builds algorithms bundled with data mining techniques that make the business processes run efficiently.


  • Bringing Data to life
  • Rich Customer Experience
  • Better understanding of customer behavior
  • Informed decisions
  • Automation
  • Capabilities from edge to cloud
  • Expertise in multiple hardware platforms
  • Solution building expertise using open source libraries

Services We Offer

Intelligent Bots

AI solutions - Ideating, innovating and implementing

Predictive analysis

Pre-processing of data

Model - develop, deploy, train, and tune

What are your priorities?

  • To automate routine tasks?
  • Improve your customers’ experience by understanding their behavior?
  • Are your machines pre-planned to perform a task?
  • Explore the benefits of AI in your business?
  • To analyze the data to make informed decisions?
  • Reskill manpower and move them away from routine tasks?
  • Create a turnaround by using AI applications?
  • Simplify the time intensive documentation process?
  • Improve the accuracy and precision of key data points like sales forecasting?
  • Reduce spam?