Best UI/UX Design Trends for Mobile Apps That Will Zoom in 2022

Best UI/UX Design Trends for Mobile Apps That Will Zoom in 2022

We are now in the digital era where mobile phone has become an inevitable part of us. Constant evolution and change have become common in our lives, and the mobile applications (apps) design and development industry are no alien to that. Due to this continuous evolution, people look for innovation in every nook and cranny.An app with an excellent User Interface/User Experience (UI/UX) design is sure to be the eye candy for any user. The perfect balance between the functionality and the UI/UX is the key to building a sustainable app. Experts all around the globe have been consistently working for years to make app design more refined, meaningful, and simplistic.

It’s never too late to learn about design trends shaping and influencing the app development industry. While some are new, the others are existing app design techniques and standards that actually worked well. To ace the app design, you must know all the design trends.

So, let’s get started with the best design trends for mobile apps.

  • Personalization & ease of use UI/UX
  • Asymmetric media galleries and menus
  • Rounded corners and abstract designs
  • Use of gradients, illustrations, and futuristic themes
  • New styles of navigation
  • Content-centric design
  • UI Design for Chatbots

Personalization & ease of use UI/UX

Users’ attention span is becoming a necessity in the fast-moving world. Reducing the cognitive burden on users and making apps easier and effortless to use are turning into priorities.

Offering a personalized experience has always been the emphasis of any app designer and developer – like how Spotify and YouTube showcase and recommend content based on users’ activities, interests, searches, preferences, etc. More and more apps are aligning to this trend and focus on making the UI/UX more personalized, user-centric, and easy on the senses.

Therefore, complex and viscous app designs will fall behind in the race with the more easy and effortless ones.

Asymmetric media galleries and menus

The menu, image, or video gallery should grab the users’ attention but not challenge their senses in any manner. Patterns might work in some places, but monotony is never suitable for a design. A dull design pattern can be a huge turn off for the millennials and Gen Z as they form the most extensive consumer groups in almost every industry.

Expert designers are also experimenting with graphics and illustrations that are breaking free from margins and fixed borders. With the right strategic approach, you can add aesthetics and flavour to your menu designs and app media. But keep in mind, menu items, or images should look attractive, impressive, and compelling.

Rounded corners and abstract designs

Mobile device screens are now bigger and more interactive for Android and iOS devices. With rounded corners being the trend, App UI and UX designers will mimic this trend and implement some creativity while designing the apps. The use of abstract designs and patterns with a touch of creative and interactive UI/UX, especially for rounded shapes, will grow extensively this year.

Use of gradients, illustrations, and futuristic themes

Solid colours have started to lose their attractiveness as gradients and 3D illustrations skyrocket in the trend. Such gradient colour palettes will add more dimension and depth to the design while helping other design elements stand out on the app. But, when it comes to 3D design elements and faux 3D designs, coupling them with futuristic colour palettes and themes is sure to spike the interest of many.

The colour, gradient and illustration choices will evolve to be more vibrant to suit the contrary choices of the new generation. Not only that, the use of dark themes will rise as they offer the two most popular demands – low power consumption and reduced eye strain.

New styles of navigation

Larger displays and screens are the new normal in the smartphone industry as they’re specifically designed to show more content and handle multiple tasks simultaneously. Thus, the demand for more dynamic and interactive menu designs that are easily accessible with the thumb is a significant need.

Navigation design’s popularity will continue to grow as basic app features are made available on the bottom navigation menu bars for easier access. The design will still evolve as swipe and slide, as these features will be frequent instead of simple clicks. The bottom line is that the navigation bar will be the favourite menu for both UI/UX designers and app users.

Content-centric design

A surprising fact is; Content is not just the king in marketing and blogging but is also vital for UI/UX designers to keep the significance of content in mind as it shouldn’t be hindered.

According to many experts, the content-first approach in design aids in creating functional and expressive UIs. This approach helps designers prevent complex artistic elements that might interrupt a smooth and effortless app journey that the users might be expecting. The content on the app screen should be viewable, readable, and easy to grasp.

Key things to keep in mind to offer a coherent and straightforward experience to the users

  • CTA design and its placement
  • Choice of colour palette
  • Typography
  • Menu
  • Margins
  • White spaces

UI/UX designers should stay ahead of the mobile device industry and create apps that suit and adapt to any device type for a consistent and super-smooth experience. Focusing on button-less designs and emphasizing gestures like swipe, scroll, pinch, zoom, etc., are sure to make the smooth customer experience achievable.

UI Design for Chatbots

Chatbots are not new to us – apps and websites have already started utilizing them. It helps to offer immediate assistance and support and aids businesses to capture more leads and boost more conversions. Also, the vital point to note is that the chat feature should be easily accessible and not be a hindrance while using it. The more compact and engaging UI design, the more users will converse.


We have derived these UI/UX design trends with immense research and review of many apps. You can implement the relevant ones needed for your app and ensure ease of use for your users.

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