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Cloud Services

We offer the best cloud solutions to migrate and integrate your business to the Cloud after analyzing your yearly CAPEX and OPEX.

Cloud Computing Solutions and Services

Our team of Engineers is having more than six years of hands-on experience in Cloud Computing Services and Solution. We help our clients first to understand the Cloud Technology and explain how beneficial it is for them in terms of CAPEX and OPEX.

Is Cloud solutions applicable for all? It depends on the customer's requirement. Before migration to Cloud, we analyze your existing On-Premise IT Infrastructure along with its CAPEX and OPEX and compare with the available Cloud Solutions and explain how beneficial it is to migrate to the cloud in terms of reducing the operational cost, better performance, scalability, high availability, and agility. This will help the customer to understand the real benefits of using Cloud solutions.

We help you in migrating to cloud after a detailed analysis of your existing applications and its computing requirements. We have built a complete IT Infra at Azure Cloud for one of our Customer with Virtualized Palo Alto Firewall, Load balancer, etc...

We work with Amazon Web Services and Azure Cloud.

Key Benefits of Cloud Computing Solutions:


Cloud-based services are ideal for business that needs everything as on demand. If you want to scale-up or scale-down the server's capacity when it needs to be, it is doable either automatic or manually in no time, this kind of agility when using cloud computing will be more beneficial for businesses.

Disaster Recovery:

What If we have one IT Infrastructure and it almost never fails and can be used to store and recover our data? Yes, that is where the Cloud Solutions play a pivotal role. Cloud-based backup and recovery solutions can save more time, CAPEX and OPEX.

In a typical DR site design, a dedicated Data Center is built and never used unless and until the Primary DC or the application that is hosted on the Primary DC fails. Though the DR site is not used during the idle time, the Customer still has to pay for its Bandwidth, AMC costs for the devices, etc. Ultimately the CAPEX and OPEX that the Customer invest to have a dedicated DR site is idle and not being used. To save the CapEx and OpEx, Cloud based solution drastically reduces the above costs as the Cloud Services are Pay as you Use kind of service.

Automatic Software Updates:

What if we have in-house servers and hosted all the applications over this and the server needs to go for an Update/Patch Management, etc., we would have to find a downtime along with manual resources to do this. In Cloud all the maintenance works related to Servers (let it be Patch management, Security updates, etc...) are taken care by the suppliers considerably reducing the downtime with less to no impact on business.

Capital-Expenditure Free:

No more CAPEX. Pay-As-You Use subscription-based model.

Increased Collaboration:

Hassle free access to files and shared locations. Access the shared files/apps from anywhere, anytime really helps the team to deliver more together in a better and easiest way. The Cloud-based workflow and file sharing apps helps to achieve this way of sharing.

Work from Anywhere:

In Cloud Computing, all you need is an Internet connection to kick start the work anytime and from anywhere.

This helps the employees to work from anywhere option to maintain a work-life balance while without impacting the productivity. All the solutions are available to have a secure remote access to enable the work from anywhere option for users.

Document Control:

Without Cloud storage/file sharing apps, users had to share files as an email attachments which would end up with a mess of conflicting file content, formats, and titles too.

When we move to Cloud, all files are stored centrally and everyone sees one version of the content.


Lost laptops along with its sensitive data leads to major issues, even it could impact the business growth as well. When the data is stored in the cloud, we can retrieve the data from any location that has Internet Access regardless of lost laptop. This problem is greatly reduced or even avoided when we move on to cloud as the data is stored in the cloud. There are apps which could wipe the data from the lost laptop.

Cloud Network Security

Our team of Engineers is having more than six years of hands-on experience in Protecting Cloud Computing IT Infrastructure. We help our clients to highly protect their resources (applications, websites, etc...) hosted at Cloud using various vendors Virtualized Cloud Firewalls.

Here is the brief of Cloud Network Security Solutions that we use to protect your Cloud Infrastructure:

  • Virtualized Cloud Firewalls as a Front-End to all your applications
  • Web Application Firewall
  • DDoS Solutions
  • Intrusion Detection and Prevention System
  • Prevent from IaaS/applications from Ransomware attacks
  • Detect and Prevent Botnet
  • Secure connectivity from your On-Premise to your Cloud Infra
  • Secure connectivity to your Cloud applications from anywhere in Internet
  • Securely host your applications to your clients/end users/business partners
  • Complete visibility of your IN and OUT traffic from your Cloud Infra
  • Automatic Email Alert when something goes wrong

Overview of Cloud Network Security:

Confidentiality assures only authorized system to access the sensitive data when the data is stored and when the data is in transit. Confidentiality is achieved by the usage oftechnical tools such as encryption, access control, etc.

Integrity assures the data stored in cloud is uncorrupted and cannot be modified or altered without authorization.

Availability ensures that the data is available and accessible always on demand. Availability is ensured by paying close attention to the architecture and defining the contracts and terms of agreement.

Cloud accountability is ensured by keeping track of the logs and auditing the logs, authentication, access control, etc.

Assurance is supported by a trusted computing architecture in the cloud.

Resilience is ensured by preconfiguring in a way that if a failure is detected, it will be automatically transferred to redundant network connection rather than critical failure.

Threats to your Cloud Services:

By Cloud Service User:

  • Responsibility Ambiguity
  • Loss of Governance
  • Loss of Trust
  • Service Provider Lock-in
  • Unsecure Cloud Service User Access
  • Lack of Information/Asset Management
  • Data loss and leakage

By Cloud Service Provider:

  • Protection Inconsistency
  • Responsibility Ambiguity
  • Evolutional Risks
  • Business Discontinuity
  • Supplier Lock-in
  • License Risks
  • Bylaw Conflict
  • Bad Integration

Intra Cloud Communication:

Intra-cloud communication is secured from potential external threats but there are still some security risks due to the following:

  • The data transfer could be visible to the cloud provider.
  • It is possible for a malicious neighbor instance within the same LAN to intercept the transferred business data.

Cloud Computing Infrastructure Security:

Infrastructure Security at the Network Level:
  • Ensuring data confidentiality and integrity of the organizations data in transit to and from the public cloud provider.
  • Ensuring proper access control (Authentication, Authorization, Auditing) to resources in the public cloud.
  • Ensuring availability of the Internet facing resources of the public cloud used by the organization.
  • Replacing the established network zones and tiers with domains.

Infrastructure Security at the Host Level:

  • Host security at PaaS and SaaS Level
  • Both the PaaS and SaaS hide the host operating system from end users.
  • Host security responsibilities in SaaS and PaaS are transferred to CSP.
  • Host security at IaaS Level.
  • Attacks to the guest OS: e.g., stealing keys used to access and manage the hosts.