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Ticvic offers customers solutions in every aspect of cloud computing: Compute, Network and Storage. Developing cloud native applications, creating a secure network infrastructure, transforming the legacy systems, or moving the data from on-premise to cloud, Ticvic can do it all for you. Ticvic’s certified solution architects carefully focus on reliability, security, performance, operations, and cost efficiency while architecting the solution for the business use cases.

Ticvic sets up a robust digital transformation framework enabling innovation with a set of Application Programming Interfaces (APIs). Cloud computing enables enhanced end-user usability and experience adding business value to the customers. The solutions can be constructed on any cloud platform, Azure, AWS, Google Cloud, etc., as decided with the customers.


  • Cost efficient: does not require investments in managing IT resources in-house
  • Scalable, adaptable, and customizable
  • High availability of Resources and Data

Services We Offer

Cloud Consulting

Cloud Migration

SAAS Applications Development

Digital transformation

Cloud Security

What are your priorities?

  • Efficient data backup and storage?
  • Moving your data and applications to Cloud?
  • Optimising your servers?
  • Provide low-latency services to your users?
  • Upgrading your system automatically?
  • Manage workload better in spite of an increase in the number of resources?