Data Center Management

Data Center Management

High availability of Applications and Data

Data Centers (DC) typically have hardware and software from multiple vendors and a need to integrate them using multiple technologies - OS, H/w, S/w, etc. Altogether, this creates a complex environment, which is made further complex by the patches, updates, contracts, warranties, and licenses, etc. from the Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs). Different offerings from the Data centers mean that multiple installations come with various maturity levels, diverse equipment and processes, and therefore different Turnaround Time (TAT) and Service Level Agreement (SLA)s.

The requirement then is to automate the activities, monitor all the devices, operating systems, applications, etc. and maintain their performance as per the SLAs committed for specific applications, server availability, data retention, data security, speed of recovery and network availability. Deploying new software faster with limited understanding of resources availability - capacity, power, and space, and inconsistent policies and structure is often a challenge that needs to be managed for robust outcomes. Optimising peripheral costs like cooling and energy is also key to maintaining Data Centers effectively.

Managing data center availability and optimising the costs are important components to ensure the DC’s viability.


  • Reduce downtime and meet SLAs given to the users
  • Automate updates and services to reduce costs and increase predictability
  • Ensure security of data and prevent data loss
  • Optimise Capacity - avoid over/under-capacity circumstances

Services We Offer

Hosting Services

  • Data Centre Infrastructure Management
  • Production operations
  • Hardware support services
  • OS maintenance & support
  • Server build & Patching
  • Virtualization services

Network Evaluation

  • Data Storage administration
  • Data management
  • Backup administration & operation
  • Backup Support
  • Capacity planning & reporting

Secure SD-WAN

  • Database Management
  • HA Planning and Support
  • Performance Tuning
  • Database Capacity Planning

What are your priorities?

  • Is the Data Center critical to your business?
  • Are SLAs with customers/users linked to your revenues?
  • Do you have Business critical data on your servers?
  • Do you like to keep your data safe and abide by the Regional or Global Data Privacy laws?
  • Are there any penalties attached to the service levels?