Internet of Things

Connected Ecosystems: Smart Solutions

The Internet of Things talks about how many physical devices, which are connected to the internet, collect and share data, and how well these devices can be managed. The seamless wireless networks have enabled anything to be a fragment of IoT. IoT technology, which merges the physical and digital universes, has made the functioning of individual devices and the communication among them more responsive and smarter.

IoT contributes an essential component to the digital capabilities of a business. Ticvic helps customers through the entire journey to plan, create, and manage an IoT ecosystem that contributes to the value chain of their businesses.

Specialists design the solutions using a flexible modular approach to address the business needs and to build a cost-effective and reliable IoT ecosystem. By incorporating additional features and sharing real-time information between the users and the onboard devices, Ticvic builds a value network where the data can be collected, processed, and analyzed from every sensor of the connected devices.

The industry experience of the organisation enables the integration of the IoT offerings to build products and solutions that maximise the process of value creation and increase the business revenue of customers. The practice offers a combination of industry knowledge and expertise delivered across various competencies.


  • Intelligent automation
  • Integration of IT and Non-IT smart assets
  • Data Management; No Data silos
  • Remote management of devices/assets


IoT Consulting

Software-led IoT

IoT Analytics

IoT Managed Services

IoT Application Development and Management

IoT Communication Management

What are your priorities?

  • Set up a well-connected and secured ecosystem of devices?
  • Handle large volumes of data from smart devices?
  • Monitor and control your connected devices remotely?
  • Exploit the industry experience to improve the performance of your IoT?
  • Need support to run your customer-centric applications?
  • Transportation of communication is still done through wired devices in your company?
  • Optimise bandwidth?
  • Reduce human intervention to operate your technology related systems?