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IT Consulting

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Industrial, automotive, consumer goods, retail, life sciences and travel companies are still striving to solve the IT challenges in their respective industries. The disruptive technology (such as cognitive, cloud and digital), however, continues to impact their workforce and IT ecosystem — making it extremely difficult to produce and bring forth prompt innovative solutions to the market.

Ticvic’s technology consulting team drives value by solving customer challenges through innovative solutions. The Microservices solutions approach towards a customer problem has helped create value at each stage in the process of business growth. Catering to a wide range of industry segments, we deliver outcomes that are transformational for the customers, enabling them to maximize the business gains. The transparency inbuilt into our model ensures superior customer experience that enables creating appropriate timelines for their go-to-market plan. The tools, skills, and methods accessed by our consultants integrate the traditional IT with the new agile solutions to accelerate the speed to the market. The technology consultants work across numerous IT and business dimensions to deliver transformational outcomes.

We possess a rich experience of working across multiple geographies and market segments such as:


  • The right technology and tools save time and money
  • Provides specialist expertise and experience
  • Enhances productivity
  • Helps management focus on their core business functions
  • Resolves critical issues arising in businesses

Services We Offer

IT Operations Assessment

IT Infrastructure Planning and Management

IT Strategy

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Business Continuity

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What are your priorities?

  • Are the rapidly changing technologies impacting your business?
  • Are you under pressure to drive competitive advantage and business growth by leveraging emerging technologies?
  • Do you think IT can help you create new revenue streams?
  • Do you have some unique legacy model which is critical to your functioning but may not be most efficient?