Network Design and Implementation

Network Design
and Implementation

Future ready for global reach

Ticvic offers end-to-end network consulting, design, implementation and support of LAN, WAN, SD-WAN, wireless, security, cloud, NMS, and all the other network related technologies. The team of professionals analyze the existing Infrastructure of the customers before recommending the best solution suiting the dynamic demands of their business applications. Ticvic enables managing, testing, configuring, operating and deploying the virtual and physical devices while focusing on the network functions automation where possible.

Our team of experts ensures the growth of the customers’ business by implementing robust network solutions. Ticvic offers comprehensive and effective network design and implementation services that form the backbone of information networks. Our ability to understand the presentstate of a network and the expertise to analyse its scalability as the network grows helps us propose a comprehensive solution to enhance the overall performance of the network and thus to improve the business functionality.


  • Lowers the overall cost of network ownership
  • Increases the network availability
  • Improves the business agility
  • Speeds the access to applications and services securely

Services We Offer

  • Network Design
  1. To ensure the business is productive and operates smoothly without increased support costs.
  2. Analyze the Customer's existing IT Infrastructure and provide an affordable and scalable solution, and ensure that the Network works smoothly.
  • Network Planning & Implementation
  1. Implement the network as per the finalized design.
  2. Cloud Computing Design and Implementation SDN - Software Defined Networking Cisco and Aruba – On Premise and Cloud based Wireless Network Design and Implementation NFV – Network Function Virtualization Data Networks (LAN, WAN, and Cloud) Unified Communication - Wireless Networks
  • Network Monitoring & Optimization
  1. Optimize the network. Network Engineers available 24/7 to assist with any unforeseen problems.
  2. AI based Network Monitoring tools like VUNET Netbrain and other NMS tools WAN services coordination Availability Management Performance Management Capacity & Configuration Management
  • Network Security & Threat Detection
  1. Understand the vulnerabilities and secure the network by using advanced threat detection systems.
  2. Network Security for On Premise Networks, Cloud, and End Points Secure SDWAN - Secure Software Defined Wide Area Networking

What are your priorities?

  • How reliable is your network?
  • Is your network availability optimal?
  • Does your data center connectivity need to be optimised for high performance?
  • Are your network components secure?
  • Are you struggling to maximise your network functionality and efficiency?
  • Are you looking to get your network configuration automated and change your network landscape for good?