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Network Automation Services

Most of our Solution for Network Management Systems comprises Network Automation. Our solution no longer needs a dedicated group of resources to sit in-front of big screen to monitor the Network Statusas it will be taken care by the Network Automation Services. We use more Automated Artificial Intelligent tool which always keep an eye on the Network and its related services. If there is any change in the normal working behavior in the Network Environment, the tool automatically detects and do an analysis. Post which it sends an Email Alert to the team to check the issue further. We use Unomaly tool to serve the above purpose and provides the below features. Algorithmic monitoring for the modern datacenter.One place where all software data is systematically analyzed, scored, and prioritized. Algorithmic analysis of log data from the full software stack — from applications to containers and servers.

We develop Network Automation for;
  • Managing "Desired Device State". Making sure the actual state of a device (for example, list of VLANs configured on server-facing ports) eventually matches the specifications in a manifest.
  • Manage large deployment with aggressive roll-out deadlines
  • Make Network Infrastructure or Services Delivery more Predictable and Reliable
  • To save resources and money by automating the most simple recurring tasks.
  • Improve support for agile business practices, removing the cumbersome and long lead times in traditional IT operations.
  • We develop Event Handlers instead of traditional e-mail alerts, when something is detected in the network monitoring system.

Understand Normal

Unomaly analyzes raw data to build a comprehensive picture of your data center's normal operations, setting the baseline for recognizing anomalies.

Detect Anomalies

Problems, incidents, and hacks change how systems behave. Unomaly detects these changes in data as they happen, keeping your team close to what is important.

Take Action

Insights only matter when acted upon. Use data to determine and act on root causes of outages, avert impending failure, or prevent attempts to breach your systems.

We use NetBrain Network Management Tool which is capable of providing the below features.

  • Automate Network Management
  • Automate Network Documentation
  • End-to-End Network Visibility
  • Dynamically maps traffic flows
  • Automate Network Troubleshooting
  • Enhance Troubleshooting Collaboration
  • Isolate and Mitigate Security Attacks in Real-Time
  • Proactively Guard against Misconfiguration
  • Enhance Change Management Workflow
  • Use a Map as a Single Pane of Glass

Ticvic Technical Team has the best of expertise in the implementation of SD-WAN technology and hands-on experience in implementation and management of SD-WAN for one of our clients.