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Secure SDWAN Services

We provide secure SD-WAN solutions for your remote offices where MPLS services are not available and at the same time not compromising the security by encrypting the data.

Software Defined – Wide Area Networking (Secured SD-WAN)
  • Design, Implement, and Provide 24*7 Support - For Versa, Viptela, and Dispersive Secure SD-WAN Solution.
  • SDWAN is an alternative to high cost MPLS. We skip all the features of SDWAN here since you can easily find all the features of SDWAN on Google.
  • As security continues to be a critical part of SD-WAN designs, our solution will provide a Secure SD-WAN.
  • One of the Use Case of SD-WAN: You have a remote office wherein there is no MPLS or Leased Line circuit available and you wanted to have a secure connectivity to that office with Dual Internet Circuit, we provide a Secure SD-WAN solution for these kind of requirements.
  • Our SD-WAN Solution integrates NFV also, which comprises "Routing, Security, WAN Optimization, and Load Balancing" as a service.
  • Virtualized Server (VM) as your CPE to provide SD-WAN, Routing, Switching, WAN Optimization, and Load Balancing.
SD-WAN Solutions and Services
  • SD-WAN is the latest WAN Technology that is used to connect the Enterprise Network to the Remote Branch Offices through Broadband Internet rather than using the expensive legacy WAN Connections or traditional MPLS connections thereby curtailing the higher operational cost.
  • With SD-WAN, the control part of the network part is taken care by Cloud resources rather than being dependent on Datacenter or On Premise dedicated Network devices.
  • SD-WAN Technology reduces the complexity of the traditional WAN Design.
  • SD-WAN Technology optimizes the Bandwidth usage.
  • SD-WAN Technology provides highly secure, scalable, reliable, and resilient Network to have a better business experience.

Ticvic Technical Team has the best of expertise in the implementation of SD-WAN technology and hands-on experience in implementation and management of SD-WAN for one of our clients.

Secure SD-WAN Solutions and Services

Internet is almost available everywhere and it doesn't need an Investor to have one Internet connection. Especially when compared to MPLS service cost, it is far cheaper than that. Is Internet Secured? Definitely Not, but Secure SDWAN can make it highly secure Network and highly impossible to Man-In-The-Middle attack (MITM) and Distributed-Denial-of-Service (DDoS) attack. The time required to turn-up a WAN service using SDWAN would be less than hours instead of weeks' time when we go for MPLS service. The SD-WAN Technology that we suggest is a Secure SD-WAN which delivers security, reliability and resiliency for your data communications over the Internet. High Speed Data transfers that is 10 times faster than legacy VPN Virtually aggregates all available WAN connections into one high-availability link Maximizes throughput and reduces latency for every application


  • Encrypts each path with a different, ephemeral AES-256-GCM cryptographic key
  • Segments the network by participant and device
  • Uses off-network, two-factor authentication
  • Uses multipath, split-traffic networking to thwart man-in-the-middle threats
  • Zero-trust firewall blocks incoming connections and moves the attack surface outside your enterprise network
  • Features built-in standard AES-256-GCM cryptographic modules


  • Rolls away from network problems to ensure more reliable connections
  • Works with any available Internet connection (broadband, cellular, satellite)
  • Aggregates multiple physical connections into one logical connection for improved reliability


  • Uses multipath, split-traffic networking to overcome network challenges
  • Routes around denial-of-service and distributed denial-of-service attacks for increased resiliency
  • Survives network failures


  • Eliminates need to program policy-based routing behaviors
  • Saves time by greatly simplifying IP address management
  • Increases productivity due to performance enhancements