Software Development and Maintenance

Software Development
and Maintenance

Software is an integral part of our life at Ticvic. With great enthusiasm, the team builds effective and efficient software that meet all the business requirements the customers set forth. We believe in progressive development as its benefits are multi-folded. The progressive development makes our customers happy as they see the product frequently, yields their trust, lets the team feel inclusive, gives managers flexibility to plan, etc., At Ticvic, though we predominantly go with Scrum, we combine the best practices from various other Agile Software Development methodologies such as XP, Lean, and Kanban. We shall be more than happy to adapt any Agile methodologies of our customers’ interest.

Our team always strives to position itself current by continuously learning and adopting emerging technologies and best practices. The Ticvic Process helps the team in many ways to design and build the software with exceptional qualities - ‘Idea map’ to define the processes, ‘Research’ to exploit the best possible options, and ‘Technology’ to choose the right technology, to name a few.

Our Quality Assurance (QA) employs various kinds of testing methods for every bit of software developed - bet it an API or a Kernel Program. QA test the performance, load, and security aspects of the software built while keeping the user experience as its top priority always. QA at Ticvic is the toughest gate for any software to get through.

A periodic health check is vital in the lifecycle of any software. Our experts in the Business Process Services monitor the entire ecosystem of the software. The reports from the Operations team help customers make informed decisions on many strategic fronts.


  • Great User Experience
  • Improved reputation of the brand
  • Efficient use of IT resources
  • Cost optimisation
  • End-to-end managed services

Services We Offer

Linux Kernel Applications

Application Programming Interfaces (APIs)

Network Protocols

Desktop Applications

Database Solutions, and

Custom Software

What are your priorities?

  • Are you looking to outsource software development and maintenance?
  • Are you giving your idea a shape?
  • Do you want to build a cost-effective and secure software?
  • Are you in need of developing proprietary protocols?
  • Do you have any requirements to create/recreate APIs?
  • Do you like to refactor any of your existing applications?
  • Would you like to handle your data in a much efficient way?