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AI IT Ops from vunet

Are you using Silo-ed Tools to manage your End-to-End IT Infra?
If then, we've an Artificial Intelligence tool for you which takes care of your Network, Multi-Tier App
Environment (Server, Database, Storage, Backup, etc...), Your Cloud Infra, Mobile Devices, etc...

  • AI enabled IT Operation tool.
  • Reactive to Proactive AI IT Ops. | No more Silo-ed tools to manage each verticals of IT Infrastructure.
  • Network, Apps, Servers, Database, Storage, Cloud Infra, etc... all are managed by a single AI tool - "vunet".
  • Business value real-time storyboards for CXOs.
  • Please Contact USfor More Details and Proof-Of-Concept (Demo).

AI IT Ops has two main components : Big Data and Machine Learning.

It requires a move away from siloed IT data in order toaggregate observational data (such as that found in monitoring systems and job logs) alongside engagement data (usually found in ticket, incident, and event recording) inside a Big Data platform.

AI IT Ops then implements a comprehensive Analytics and Machine Learning (ML) strategy against the combined IT data. The desired outcome is continuous insights that yield continuous improvements and fixes, using automation.

The difficulty in today's IT Operations is "manually managing the infrastructure".

What is Infrastructure

A typical Infrastructure used to have Perimeter Firewalls, Edge Network devices, Front-End Web Server, Middleware Apps, and Backend DB and Storage. All these used to be inside a so called Data Centers.
The Team used to manage the above infra almost knows each and every piece kept in mind. How the Infra is changed today?

Today's Infra has spanned across multiple platform and places and are called "On-Premise, Private Cloud, Public Cloud, and Hybrid Cloud, etc...". As modern IT environments include managed cloud, unmanaged cloud, third party services, SaaS integrations, mobile, and more.
So managing the new era of Infra with traditional approach leads to nightmare. We are forced to engage Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning platforms for an automated approach to manage the Agile IT Infra.

Infrastructure problems must be responded at ever-increasing speeds.
  • As organizations digitize their business, IT becomes the business (think of "how we do commute on rental car, how we do purchase things on ecommerce" all these platforms have been changed from Computer/Laptop based access to handheld devices like Mobile, ipad, etc…).
  • The "consumerization" of technology has changed user expectations for all industries.
  • Reactions to IT events – whether real or perceived, need to occur immediately, particularly when an issue impacts user experience.
  • The Elements of AI IT Ops

    AI IT Ops acknowledges that the old way of doing IT Ops won't work in the new era.

    AI IT Ops platforms consist of the following elements.

Extensive and Diverse IT Data Sources

A big data platform that aggregates IT data for historical analysis and real-time reaction and insights.

Computation (calculations) and Analytics that enable the system to generate new data and metadata from existing IT data.

Calculations and analytics

  • Eliminate noise
  • Identify patterns or trends
  • Isolate probable causes, expose underlying problems, and achieve other IT specific goals.

Algorithms that leverage IT domain expertise to intelligently apply computation and analytics appropriately and efficiently, as dictated by an organization's data and its desired outcomes.

Unsupervised Machine learning that can automatically alter or create new algorithms based on the output of algorithmic analysis.

Visualization, which presents insights and recommendations to IT Ops in an easily consumable way, to facilitate understanding and action.

Automation, which uses the outcomes generated by the analytics and machine learning to automatically create and apply a response or improved for identified issues.